LaShon P. Smith

A Theatre/English graduate from Colonel White School of the Arts in Dayton, Ohio, LaShon has always had a passion for radio broadcast entertainment, narrations, and voice recording for business messaging systems.


LaShon's Voice Acting services provide a full range of talent from music drops, to cartoon voices, to corporate and e-learning specialties. As the founder of LVAMU Micro university, she also has the talent to coach and teach others how to learn (freelance) voice acting on their terms without all of the fluff and overwhelming jargon in the beginning. Opportunities for a new talent pool will also be surfacing in 2021 for those interested. Hire this talented and versatile voice for all of your professional voice over needs.


Husky Voice - LaShon
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Book Trailer Demo - LaShon
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Hotel Auto Attendant - LaShon
00:00 / 00:00
Podcast Outros - Unknown Artist
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Sexy Tone - LaShon
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Z city Warehouse radio - LP
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Silly Bunny Game - LaShon
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Public Service Announcement - LaShon
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Radio/Video Commercial - LaShon
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Article read - LaShon
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Bank Demo - LaShon
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Commercial Voice - LaShon
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